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  • Want killer web growth that turns your traffic into clients?


    How about SEO friendly content marketing to put your site in the top rankings?


    Looking for knock-your-socks-off enticing content marketing and email campaigns?


    I provide affordable, reliable copywriting services to entrepreneurs, agencies, communications professionals and small businesses - satisfaction guaranteed.


    Who Am I?

    I work with entrepreneurs, communications professionals, advertising agencies and small businesses to produce copy and content for sales and marketing materials.


    Why Work With Me?


    I create smart, creative digital marketing that your clients will love. I’m an experienced digital marketer, copywriter, editor, and SEO consultant based in Ottawa. I help entrepreneurs, small businesses and advertising agencies to create great content. I also offer training and speaking presentations.


    The Personal Touch


    I’m responsible for every piece of work I produce for my clients. Nope, there’s no room packed with minions – I don’t outsource or sub-contract. 


    You see, I guarantee the highest quality and the only person I can really trust to get the job done just right, every time, is me and my amazingly talented team at Huckleberry Marketing and Advertising Agency.


    What’s in it for you?

    • Professional, reliable and enthusiastic digital marketing services.

    • A range of digital skills with social media, WordPress, CRM management and more.

    • Affordable rates and super-fast turnarounds.

    • A pleasant and positive experience with someone who understands sales and branding.

    When it comes to experience, I’ve got some serious hard-won wisdom that goes into each and every bit of creative copy that I produce.


    I began my career as a merchandising manager, moved into marketing, and then copywriting. Over the years, I’ve worked as a Quality Assurance Manager, Copywriter and Content Manager at various companies. This taught me the hard way how to write epic digital marketing content, meet deadlines, keep clients happy and produce excellent ideas under pressure. I’ve also worked as a helpline operator, personal shopper, academic researcher and barista.


    Surprisingly, all of this comes in handy when I’m working on your digital marketing.


    You’ll enjoy working with me, promise :)


    More often than not, my clients come from referrals. I strive to ‘over deliver’, delight my clients and achieve results. It’s how I know they’ll come back!


    Oh, below I've listed a few recent jobs for you to check out.



    Copywriting, Information Architecture, Editing.
    Copywriting, Email Marketing, SEO Writing, Editing, Information Architecture. 
    Copywriting, Information Architecture, Editing, Press Release, SEO Writing.
    SEO Writing, Blogs, Social Media, Copywriting, Market Research, Editing, Email Marketing.
    Research, Editing, Copywriting, Email Marketing.
    Copywriting, Press Releases.
    Project Management, Creative Marketing, Funnel Planning, Copywriting, Editing, Review. 
    SEO Writing, Copywriting, Editing.
    Academic Research and Writing.
    Marketing, Copywriting and Investment Packages.

    Health Image

    Marketing and Copywriting.
    Marketing and Copywriting.

    Market Research

    Public Speaking

    Social Media


    Academic Writing and Research

    Proofreading and Editing

    Email Marketing

    Content Marketing


    Information Architecture 

    SEO Content

    Project Management

    Digital Campaigns

    Strategy and Online Funnels


    If you care about academic credentials, here are a few I’ve got:

    Google Analytics Academy

    Google Analytics 2014

    Google analytics certification for SEO and campaign management.

    Carleton University

    Master of Arts (MA) Law 2009 - 2011

    Graduate degree with specialized knowledge in legal studies, political science, international relations and governance.

    University of Calgary

    Bachelor of Arts Political Science/Law and Society 2002 - 2004

    Honours degree with core specializations in legal studies, political science, native north american history and business law.

    York University

    Bachelor of Arts Political Science/Law and Society 2001 - 2002

    Honours degree with studies including social sciences such as: philosophy, law and political science.

    Dawson College

    D.E.C. Languages & Literature 1999 - 2001

    Specialized in computer science, film, English and French.


    Paul St. Jacques 
    (Founder, Maverick ROI)

    I have to say, I'M THOROUGHLY IMPRESSED! Amethyst did a fantastic job, exactly what I needed. Her copy is engaging to read (amongst other things). Love her copy, her edits and that flair, Can't say enough how great she is :) Amethyst is a rare copywriter with enthusiasm and talent.

    Emilie Martel
    (Founder, WildLife Captive)

    Amethyst is an absolute genius writer and copywriter, and I would recommend her in a heartbeat! She copy writes almost all my professional works. I write a lot of treatments, grant applications, summaries for documentary films and she always knows how to adjust my writings to perfection. She can work different facets and writing styles, and delivers within hours. I am always impressed with her work and I get daily compliments on our company’s writing. I am so happy that Amethyst was referred to me. She is amazingly talented and I truly believe that she is part of our production company’s success!

    Alain Jean-Baptiste
    (Founder, InMind)

    Amethyst is an incredibly talented writer. She has an uncanny ability to tap into a communal creative space and produce engaging content with the right message.

    Bronwen Gagne 
    (Co-Founder, Shadow Properties)

    Amethyst is one of the most gifted and creative writers I have ever met. Myself, having been raised by an accomplished Journalist and travel writer, this is not something I say lightly. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

    Cedric Meloche
    (Co-Founder, LocoTruck)

    Work very well done! Very impressed with the quality of work! Amethyst is an amazing copywriter with a keen understanding of business solutions.

    Irini Theo
    (Communications Specialist)

    Amethyst is an excellent writer who has helped me tremendously! She is able to edit and adjust any text, and able to reformat and restructure any paper handed to her. She gives great advice and is able to help anyone improve their writing skills.


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